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Dr. Brandon Goods, new associate dentist



Please be assured that informative staff, patient comfort in a relaxed atmosphere is always our goal. We understand that we are in a position of trust with the patient. They are getting advice and treatment based on our professional expertise and we endeavor to do our best to earn the trust of you and your family.

We are constantly striving to be on time with our appointments. When you book with us, please give us 48 hours notice to cancel or reschedule the appointments to allow us to use that time to see other people that require our expertise.

Please be assured that friendly informative staff, patient comfort in a relaxed atmosphere are always a concern.

Hygienist available for cleanings, book on one hour appointments, you only pay for what you use of that time

Here is all or wonderful staff, that are here to help you and serve you and take care of you and give you a beautiful smile.

Dental assistant: Beth

Hygienist: Lori

Dental assistant: Chi

Hygienist : Marsha

Front Desk: Melona

Front Desk: Sabrina


How do you handle insurance claims?

The office will take assignment of insurance policies, where the patient will only pay for the portion of the charges not covered by their insurance. We will collect the insured portion directly from the insurance companies without troubling you to mail in the claim. It is the patient's responsibilities however to know what their plans will cover. We will help you to the best of our ability , but insurance policies are contracts that exist between patient and insurance company.

How do your prices compare?

Our fees are based on the average fee charged by Calgary dentists. Our treatment plans for the patients are based on their individual needs and desires, not on insurance policies. It is the health and satisfaction of the patient that is our concern. We treat only what is needed or wanted, nothing more.